At Studio D’arts, we have a team of well-trained artisans with a background in fine art and institutional training. We can customize any real canvas or portrait as required. When it comes to decorative accents, our canvas is the best element to draw attention to that space and make it more beautiful and playful.

These artists are well-trained in both classical and modern art forms. Our artists use their passionate knowledge and skills to create unique masterpieces that enhance the beauty of the walls on which they are placed. We can customize any canvases as per demand. Many of our portraits are created from customer-supplied photographs and in the end, the client is amazed at the precision in the artist’s work. 

We customize canvas in monochrome and multicolour in various types like plain, textured, foiling, paper collages, self-created combinations, canvas with resin, canvas with murals, on any flat surface, and to any size imaginable.

Our modern art paintings with gold/silver/champagne leaf accents give a rich character to the décor in offices, shopping malls, theatres, hospitals, and other settings. residential project. When it comes to creating accents in decoration, our canvas is the best element to draw attention to that space and make it more beautiful and fuller of joy.

Canvas Art

Canvas art painting is a popular art form in Chennai. The city has a thriving art scene with numerous galleries and studios showcasing the work of local artists. Canvas art painting is a versatile medium allowing artists to create numerous styles and subjects. They could start traditional landscapes or portraits to abstract and contemporary paintings.

Studio D’arts platform offers canvas art painting services in Chennai involving custom canvas art. These can be made in a variety of mediums such as oil, watercolour, acrylic, and digital art. See the artist’s work and get in touch to discuss work. Prices for individual paintings vary depending on the size, medium, and complexity of the work. Call us now for your tailored Canvas art painting needs!

As per the changing needs of our customers, we provide tailored canvas painting services to the customers. We offer this canvas painting in different designs and patterns. The services we offer come in a variety of colors and styles. Canvas painting is a vibrant and exciting part of the Chennai art scene, offering both artists and art lovers many opportunities to explore and appreciate this wall art. 

Different Types of Canvas Art

There are 3 types of canvas. The oil canvas is for oil paint only. Absorbent canvas is for tempera. Universal canvas is suitable for both oil and acrylic paints. We will explore the four main styles we work with Photorealism, Abstraction, Whimsical, and Composite.

  • Abstract Painting – It is the polar opposite of realism. Abstract art is a style of painting that focuses on colors, shapes, and forms to create abstract art rather than representing a specific subject.
  • Landscape and nature paintings may include natural scenes such as mountains, forests, oceans (wave paintings), lakes, and sunset paintings.
  • Fantasy art typically includes, but is not limited to, children’s artwork. Cartoons, rabbits, unicorns, butterfly paintings, and horse paintings are perfect for children’s rooms.
  • Inanimate objects such as still life paintings, floral art, fruit, and other objects are placed in specific environments.
  • Modern art canvas is a type of canvas painting that emphasizes craftsmanship and experimentation. Hand-painted using acrylic paints and mixed media. Modern art canvases are created by using modern techniques like aerosol spray paint, watercolours, and other mixed and collaborated media.  Modern Art Canvas is a high-quality canvas painting with an attached frame.