Good & Silver Leafing

An age-old technique involving metals such as gold and silver being forged into thin layers and used for interior decoration, sculpture, and painting.

At Studio D’Art, we add glowing chandeliers in shades of gold, silver, copper, and champagne. We use both genuine and composite metals according to the finest and purest international standards on wood, plaster, metal, textiles, glass, and ceramics. Our use of high-quality and proper engineering ensures that the foliage or leafingremainsscratch-free for years to come.

Our trained artisans use their traditional skills to create masterpieces with their delicate work on intricate designs. 

We also undertake pure gold and silver leafing. Pure gold/silver inlays or leafing work are done on-site, where artisans will hammer real gold in front of you or under camera surveillance to ensure the most honest delivery.

Leafing is widely used to add richness to your interior, mainly in religious places, corporate offices, restaurants, living rooms, theatres, and residential projects. Leafing can be performed on smooth or textured surfaces to enhance the look of any wall or canvas.

Gold Leafing

Studio D’arts is a Chennai-based company with extensive expertise in creating artwork such as Murals, Sculptures, and Paintings which is involved in infusing ancient gold art into new-age decor. Gold leaf, the most important ancient art is no longer confined to palaces and places of worship. We revive the ancient art of modern India with a modern twist and touch.

What is Gold Leafing?

This is a very thin sheet of gold that is used specifically for decorating surfaces. Gold leaf comes in a variety of carat values ​​and shades, from yellow to silver. 24k gold is 99.9% gold and has a yellow tint.

Gold leaf is a decorative material that has been in use for the last thousands of years. It is often seen in picture frames and is used in architecture, furniture, signboards, etc. It has a warm golden glow in low light and glows in sunlight. Gold leaf is sometimes called gold foil which is beaten into a very thin sheet averaging about 0.12 microns in thickness.  For comparison, copier paper is around 130 microns and human hair is around 60 microns.

The gold leaf is so thin that when you hold it up to a bright light, the light shines through. When you blow on the gold leaf, it becomes disturbed, and when you touch it with your finger, it breaks. Due to its thinness, the gold sheet rubbed between hands almost disappears, leaving only a slight sheen.

Karats and Shades of Gold Leaf

Gold leaf comes in a variety of carat values ​​and shades, from yellow to silver. 24k gold is 99.9% gold and has a yellow tint. 12K is often called white gold because it is 50% gold and the rest is usually silver. About 92% of 22-karat gold leaf is gold, and it is often used for picture frames. Contact the best Gold Leafing services in Chennai now!