Studio D’arts offers sculpture painting, FRP works, and canvas painting, murals, and custom-made art work are available. With a team of hardworking professionals, we are able to provide the best canvas painting service to all our valued customers. Professionals use eco-friendly non-reactive paints to provide the best paint job. Moreover, these services are more satisfying and are performed quickly by professionals. 


These services can be purchased from us on different terms, depending on your different needs. In addition, our affordable prices and on-time delivery to your destination make the services an ideal choice for our customers. 

Features of our Service

  • Dedicated and Experienced Professional
  • Guaranteed punctual delivery
  • Higher competitive advantage

What is Sculpture Painting?

Sculpture is an art form in which hard or plastic materials are processed to create three-dimensional works of art. Designs can be embodied in environments ranging from free-standing objects, surface reliefs, or tableaus to contexts that envelop the viewer. Sculpture is a part of visual art form that works in 3D. 


The most important of these are wood, metal, stone, clay, ivory, and gypsum. Many materials have come into use recently. Materials can be sculpted, modelled, moulded, cast, machined, welded, assembled, or otherwise formed and joined.


The sculpture is used to create original and attractive works of art, to reproduce and represent people, characters, objects, people, and animals. These figures can be wholly realistic depictions or wholly abstract depictions of the artist’s vision of a particular aspect.  One of the crucial aspects of sculpture is the artist’s use and control of space and its forms. Types of Sculptures

  • Relief engraving – Relief engraving involves images carved from a flat surface of the same material.
  • Free-standing sculpture – A free-standing sculpture is a three-dimensional object that is not attached to a background.
  • Sculpture engraving – Such sculptures are created through a subtractive process.
  • Sculpture modelling – Create modelling sculptures by moulding soft materials such as clay and wax using an additive process.
  • Cast sculpture – A method of pouring a liquid material into a mold designed to have a specific shape.
  • Assembled sculpture – Composite sculpture uses an additive process where the sculptor combines various materials such as scrap metal and found objects.