Canvas painting work in Chennai

If you’re looking to convert a valuable or treasured photo into an oil portrait by a Chennai-based canvas artist, look no further We at Studio D’artsoffer the best Canvas painting work in Chennai.Our team comprises the best canvas artists in Chennai who will transform your photo into a realistic hand-painted canvas portrait. Using the highest quality art materials, our oil canvas portrait artists in Chennai will create hand-painted portraits from your photos that will last a lifetime!

Studio D’arts– Best Canvas painting work in Chennai

Canvas is a durable fabric used for creating crafts and paintings. The most famous paintings in the world are created on canvas. It is basically a fabric that can be used as a surface to create and paint various works of art.


Creating a painting on canvas is a time-consuming task, but the result of such a work of art becomes very attractive from the point of view of any individual. We always satisfy our customers with our sincere efforts and provide them with the best canvas painting work in Chennai.


For a very long time, various-sized canvases have been used to create eye-catching works of art. Turning a precious photo into an oil portrait is a great way to turn your lifeless digital photos into works of art! Our team of the most talented and experienced canvas artists will turn your favorite photo into a hand-painted masterpiece that can leave everyone spellbound!

Types of Canvas Paintings in Chennai

Painters use many different types of paint and each type of paint requires a different level of coverage. There are three main types: oilcloth, waterproof fabric, and universal fabric.


White zinc bonded with linseed oil is used as a primer. The painting was placed in the room for three days to dry naturally. The canvas is then returned and coated with a titanium white coating.




Here, two coats of chalk primer bonded with glue made from rabbit skin are used. This type of primer is water-based, these drawings are dried in a dry air oven, in which water evaporates faster.


These fabrics undergo the same treatment as absorbent fabrics with the only difference being that the two primer coats are both titanium white.