Wall Painting Artist in Chennai

Studio D’arts, a reputed wall painting artist in Chennai are experts in corporate murals as well as custom murals and paintings. A series of exquisite works of art in various materials such as fiber wall hangings, clay works, canvas paintings and stone sculptures are designed to match the aesthetics of the paintings of your office and living room walls.


While offices often have vinyl for decoration, we offer custom wall murals paintings, caricatures, detailed portraits, murals, wall murals, wall art, wall paintings and sculpturesand stone carvings in the exquisite design of your choice, to give your offices and living spaces a complete makeover. Works of art that amaze and inspire passion are easily available at incredibly attractive prices and are just a call away. Log in today to add life to your walls.

Wall Painting

Wall art is the finishing touch that can help tie a space together and make it complete. Just a little touch can take your space from merely functional to looking like it would grace the pages of an interior design magazine. What we need is just a finished white background wall.


We use waterproof acrylic art paints for painting. For maintenance, simply wipe the wall with a damp cloth. The durability of the paint layer will be equal to the durability of the wall being painted on. We do custom painting based on the customer’s choice and preference.

Studio D’arts – Best wall painting artist in Chennai

We as a top wall painting artist service in Chennai are a family of traditional artists. We are creative, indigenous, and experienced in the field and our work spans across India. We do all types of paintings except miniature art. Contact us to create and display magic on your walls.


Spray painting art is a type of art that uses airbrush paint. His art is a type of special effects art done with an airbrush. Paintings using airbrush have a slight blurring effect that looks very beautiful. This style is newer than the old painting method.


In addition, we also accept canvas paintings upon request. Portrait, landscape, and abstract paintings are made here in our canvas paintings. You will never be disappointed while working with us.


Graffiti murals are mainly used for exterior wall decoration, especially for landmarks that you see such as shops, residential areas, or other commercial places, etc. also known as Street Art.